The NY Grows Web Launch

We are excited to announce the web launch of NY Grows – a statewide educational resource focused on innovative solutions to cannabis policy in New York. Please explore our many resources to stay up to date on the issue, learn how to get involved, and spread the message. So far, eight states across America have legalized recreational marijuana and 29 have started medical marijuana programs. We are ready to help make New York the next state to do the right thing and end marijuana prohibition.

Every other state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use has done so through a public referendum where state citizens vote on the issue. However, New York is one of many states that has no referendum system, and instead relies on our state senators and assembly to vote on these laws. Therefore, it is extremely important to start conversations in your community and notify your representatives about the importance of this issue. Our state has a powerful reputation as an innovator and a leader, let’s remember that as we mobilize and change our laws.