Meet the Congressional Cannabis Caucus

As marijuana legalization sweeps the nation, pressure has increased on the federal government to update its stance on the issue. Marijuana prohibition has existed federally for over 80 years and so change is slow and difficult. To aid this process, a new caucus has been formed with representatives from legal-marijuana states among its members. Some of the main goals of the caucus include:

  • Passing legislation enabling cannabis research
  • Ensuring veterans have access to medical marijuana
  • Ironing out practical business needs, including tax code 280E (which prohibits business expense deductions) and the prohibition on cannabis businesses from working with banks, which forces them to deal all in cash.

In a refreshing change of pace from the intense partisanship that has dominated U.S. politics with increasing intensity, the new Cannabis Caucus is a bipartisan movement with members from both sides of the aisle. Read more about it here.