Giambra Makes the Case for Marijuana Legalization

Former two term Erie County Executive and Buffalo Comptroller Joel Giambra is a strong advocate for marijuana legalization in New York. In an interview with Time Warner Cable News, he outlined the impacts of such a policy change for New York State. "The infrastructure in New York State is woefully inadequate and falling apart," Giambra said, "And here's a way to go about trying to pay for it." He went on to explain that public works projects to rebuild the State's infrastructure have been a part of Governor Cuomo's platform, but that there should be more discussion about how to pay for it. By legalizing marijuana, he explains, "We can bring the revenue out of the underground economy, creating a new industry that will create up to 100,000 new jobs for our State."

Giambra explains that the eight states that have legalized marijuana so far have seen positive results, and that we should learn from their example. Watch the full interview here.