Cuomo Opposes Marijuana Legalization in New York

An exchange between Governor Andrew Cuomo and Politico's Jimmy Vielkind today confirmed that the Governor opposes the legalization of marijuana. Cuomo said that it is a "gateway drug" that he believes leads users to use more dangerous substances. Interestingly, this theory has been debunked by a variety of sources including the DEA itself, which admitted in 2016 report that, "Little evidence supports the hypothesis that initiation of marijuana use leads to an abuse disorder with other illicit substances.” For a more detailed analysis of the Gateway Theory, click here.

When Vielkind asked why the Governor had been a "stick in the mud" about marijuana legalization, Cuomo became agitated and even suggested that the reporter might be intoxicated - saying: "I support medical marijuana, I don’t support recreational marijuana — apparently you do, which explains some of the stories you’ve been writing. Recreational marijuana I think should be separated from the workplace, do we agree on that?”

For a Governor who claims to be a progressive leader, his stance on marijuana legalization is remarkably regressive. Click here to read the full account of the interview.